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Find the Top Attractions near OYO Hotel Battleboro, Battleboro

Looking for top attractions in Battleboro around the OYO Hotel Battleboro, but not sure where to start? From Nash General Hospital to North Raleigh that make this property preferred choice for guest visiting these attractions.

Discover the best sights and activities close to OYO Hotel Battleboro with this top attractions list!

Nash General Hospital

6.11 miles away

Nash General Hospital is a 100-bed hospital located in Battleboro, North Carolina. The hospital serves the residents of Nash and Macon counties.

The hospital announced that it would be closing its doors due to financial difficulties. In response, the community came together to form a nonprofit organization called HealthCare Nash which will continue to operate the hospital.

HealthCare Nash was formed in response to the announcement that Nash General Hospital would be closing its doors due to financial difficulties. The organization's mission is to provide quality healthcare for the residents of Nash and Macon counties.

Stone Park Afterschool Gang

8.01 miles away

Stone Park is known for its gangs, but afterschool there is peace. The students at Battleboro Elementary School have formed a club called "Peaceful Assembly" in an effort to bring peace to their school. They started by holding assemblies to let the students know that they are not alone, and that there are people who care about them.

Rocky Mount Arts Center

8.42 miles away

The Rocky Mount Arts Center is a bit of a hidden gem in the state of North Carolina. It's located in Battleboro, and it has been keeping the arts alive. The center offers classes in painting, sculpture, ceramics, and more, as well as hosting concerts and other events. The facility also houses a gallery and a library.

Eastern North Carolina Hospital

23.56 miles away

Eastern North Carolina Hospital Battleboro is one of the busiest hospitals in the region. In addition to providing care to patients, the hospital also provides educational resources and support to its local community.

The hospital has been in operation for more than 50 years and has always been committed to providing high-quality care to its patients. The hospital is constantly working to improve its services and facilities in order to provide the best possible care for its patients.

The hospital is located in a rural area, which means that it provides access to many different types of medical services. The hospital also has a team of dedicated doctors and nurses who are committed to providing quality care to their patients.

The hospital is a vital part of the local community and provides a wide range of services that are essential for the health of the residents.

Arts Council Of Wilson Inc

23.76 miles away

The Arts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and support of the arts in Wilson County. The Arts Council operates three divisions: Cultural Arts, Education, and Youth Programs. The Cultural Arts division provides programming and resources to promote the arts in Wilson County through exhibits, concerts, and other events. The Education division provides arts education programs for students in K-12 schools throughout Wilson County. The Youth Programs division provides arts programming for youth ages 6-18.

The Arts Council also has a partnership with the Wilson County Chamber of Commerce to provide marketing and promotional resources for local businesses within the arts industry. In addition, the Arts Council partners with other organizations to provide programming for citizens of all ages. The Arts Council is committed to providing excellent art programming that engages the community and helps build a culture of creativity in Wilson County.

Imagination Station

23.93 miles away

The Imagination Station Battleboro is a playground for the mind that offers activities to stimulate creativity and imagination. The play area has an array of structures, creatures and vehicles that can be explored and used in creative ways. There are also several large spaces where children can gather together to share their ideas and creations.

Wilson County Hospital

24.66 miles away

Wilson County Hospital Battleboro is a 133-bed hospital located in Battleboro, North Carolina. The hospital has been in operation since 1967 and provides healthcare services to the residents of Wilson County. The hospital underwent a $10 million renovation that included the addition of a new emergency room and expanded outpatient services.

The allegations of Medicaid fraud at Wilson County Hospital have created significant financial strains on the institution. The hospital reported an operating loss of $2 million. The operating loss increased to $6 million. The operating loss increased again to $9 million.

Despite these financial challenges, Wilson County Hospital continues to provide quality healthcare services to its residents.

Franklin County Arts

26.28 miles away

Franklin County Arts Battleboro is a nonprofit arts organization. The organization's mission is to promote and support the arts in Franklin County.

The organization hosts a number of events each year, including the Battleboro Arts Festival, which is held every spring. The festival features a variety of art and music events, as well as food and wine vendors. The organization also offers classes and workshops on different aspects of the arts.

The organization's board of directors consists of local business and community leaders. The board operates under the guidance of a president, who is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Franklin Regional Medical Center

26.56 miles away

Franklin Regional Medical Center Battleboro is one of the largest healthcare providers in the area. The hospital has a variety of services and facilities, including a Children’s Hospital, which makes it a great place for families to get care. In addition to its medical services, Franklin Regional also offers a wide range of amenities, including a 24-hour emergency room and a full spectrum of health services.

North Raleigh

31.20 miles away

In North Raleigh, the town of Battleboro is known for its small-town feel and sprawling rural landscape. The town is home to a variety of businesses and attractions, including a small grocery store, a post office, a bank, several churches, and a playground. The town also has two parks, one of which offers a pond with fishing opportunities and a basketball court. In addition to its attractions, North Raleigh is also home to several businesses that provide services to the local community. These businesses include an auto body shop, a vet clinic, and a bakery.

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